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XLR Connectors


Every XLR in stock - just $3.99!!


It's time to reduce our stock of the less common 4, 5, 6 & 7 pin XLR connectors, and you'll have a tough time beating our prices. We stock Switchcraft XLR line cord connectors and Switchcraft XLR panel mount connectors. Use XLR line cord connectors to connect input devices (microphone, line audio source, etc.) to your mixer and to create extension cords for long runs. Use XLR panel mount connectors when building devices (switch box, snake, etc.) or running lines through a wall from studio to control room.

See below for pin outs and do it yourself instructions. Switchcraft XLR connectors are the standard of the industry. Anyone with a soldering iron can wire them up in a few minutes; they're solid and dependable. Compare our Switchcraft XLR connector prices - you'll find the prices at www.Jackstuff.com are hard to beat.

Shipping: When you're comparing prices, don't forget to compare shipping costs.
Jackstuff.com charges only $1 per XLR connector - maximum shipping charge on any order of XLRs is only $5.

Stock: Unlike some larger dealers, Jackstuff.com has a good supply of most XLRs in stock. But not in all models. We've got 'em! Need a specific number? Email "jack" at "Jackstuff.com" and we'll let you know what we have. And remember, the more you need, the more you'll like our low prices! 


You'll find a few of the cost-effective Neutrik XLR cord plug connectors, too, but most of our stock is industry-standard, American made, Switchcraft XLR connectors.
Shipping $1 ea. (maximum $5 shipping on any size order).

Cracking the "XLR connector CODE" (A4M? D6F? Huh???)
* The first letter is the TYPE of XLR connector: A=line cord, B=bulkhead connector, D=panel mount (see photos below).
* The number is the number of pins for the number of individual wires within your cable: 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.
* Next letter is M or F (male or female).
* You may sometimes see other designations in the "code". They're used for connectors made of special materials, etc., for particular purposes. For 95% of users, the standard Satin Nickel cases fill the bill nicely without getting too pricey.
* You can safely go to our Shopping Cart (green button near the bottom of the page) for a photo of each type of XLR connector we carry. Use your BACK button to return to this page.

Click here for How to do it instructions

NO minimum purchase. Unless otherwise indicated, all XLRs are brand new Switchcraft connectors in standard Satin Nickel finish.
For "A" style cable connectors, all fittings are included.
For "D" style panel (chassis) connectors, attaching screws are not included.

Switchcraft XLR line cord plug connectors and panel mount connectors are the standard for professional and high-end audio and video equipment.



Click here for the XLR CONNECTOR list:

(Visit other dealers - compare OUR prices! Don't forget to calculate shipping costs, too.)


"A" style XLR connectors (A4M, A4F, A5M, A5F, A6M, A6F, A7M, A7F)

XLR Line Cord connectors

"B" style XLR connectors (B3F, B3M)

XLR Bulkhead connectors

"D" style XLR connectors (D4M, D4F, D5M, D5F, D6M, D6F, D7M, D7F)

XLR Panel Mount connectors  

How to do it instructions:
Installing XLR connectors on your wire is easy enough for any do-it-yourselfer. Tools you'll need: small soldering iron, some electrical solder, and a small flat-blade screwdriver.
1 - Slip the metal housing and the clear plastic shield onto the wire before any soldering.
2 - Solder your wire onto the connector terminals as appropriate.
3 - Check your work. Make sure there are no stray wire strands that could make contact with a neighboring terminal.
4 - Slide the shield and housing into place and tighten the three screws (the notch inside the housing assures that parts align properly).

NOTE: The screw that holds the actual connector (the piece that you solder wires to) uses a "reverse-thread" screw. To disassemble, turn that screw DOWN (IN) below the level of the metal case. When assembling, turn that screw UP to hold it firmly in place




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