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 has a huge inventory of NOS Pfanstiehl Replacement Phonograph needles, most of them for ceramic or crystal cartridges. We'll show you how to find the exact replacement needle for your record player, turntable, juke box, record changer, etc. But first, let's recall how the needle replacement situation was handled back in....

The good ol' days

Back in the 1950s, '60s and '70s, practically every record store carried a stock of Pfanstiehl replacement needles for phonographs, record players, turntables, juke boxes, etc. If you cared about your records at all, you'd periodically check the needle to make sure it wasn't so worn that it might damage your vinyl. You might have had a little "needle microscope" to get a good look at it. At some point, you'd pull the needle out of the phono cartridge, and take it to the neighborhood record store to get a replacement.

But there were "zillions" of different needles out there - how could you be sure you got the correct replacement? The clerk at the record store took your needle and pulled out the latest Pfanstiehl guide.Then he'd compare your needle with all the drawings on the chart until he found YOUR needle. Each needle on the chart had its own Pfanstiehl number. The clerk opened the drawer that was loaded with the little Pfanstiehl packages and picked out your exact replacement needle. Of course, the record store owner hoped you'd browse through the latest LPs, EPs and 45s while you were in the store, and you probably did. And you knew you were protecting your record collection with a new needle.

What did the chart look like?

An experienced clerk had a pretty good idea what you needed, but he'd usually check the chart, just to make sure.

Click here for needle replacement numbers 100 to 499
Click here for needle replacement numbers 500 to 999

The Pfanstiehl guide also had cross-references for all the different models of record players sold over the years and the phono cartridges they used. Needles weren't usually interchangeable, and the record store stocked more than a hundred different Pfanstiehl replacement needles. And so do we! currently has an inventory of almost one thousand Pfanstiehl needles (and a few from other makers, too). There are over 175 basic needle types, so we probably have what you need RIGHT NOW!


Find your needle!

The best way to find your replacement needle is to identify by cartridge number. If you know the cartridge number, you'll probably find your needle. (You may need to pull the cartridge out of the tone arm to find the number.)

  1. Find the number stamped on your phonograph's cartridge, and the brand name of the cartridge.
  2. Click on the manufacturer's name in the list below. You'll be taken to a copy of the Pfanstiehl chart for your cartridge manufacturer.
  3. In the LEFT column, find your cartridge number or name.
  4. Hold the needle up to your computer monitor and match your needle to the illustration for that cartridge. If it's a match, you're halfway there!
  5. When you locate your match, find the column "Pfanstiehl needle no." and write down the number(s). In many cases, there will be two or three or more needle numbers that can be used in your cartridge. Once you've found your match and written down the Pfanstiehl number(s), click the link, or your "BACK" button, to come back here and learn what the Pfanstiehl numbers mean.

Now - click on the name of your cartridge manufacturer and find your match. Of course, every manufacturer isn't listed here. If you don't see your cartridge manufacturer listed here and you don't know the number of the needle you need, just email us! Give us as much information as you can: cartridge manufacturer, any numbers/letters on the cartridge, manufacturer of the phonograph, model name or number, etc. The more info we have, the better our chance to find what you need. Send the info to:


Acos Euphonics Pickering
ADC - Audio Dynamic Garrard RCA
American Microphone General Electric Ronette
Astatic Goldring Shure
Audio Empire Grado Singer
Bang & Olufsen Japanese ** Sonotone
BSR Jensen Telefunken
Columbia Lesa Teppaz
Dual Magnavox Tetrad
Elac Perpetuum-Ebner Vaco (Varco)
Electro-Voice Philco Webster Electric
Empire Scientific Philips Zenith

** (A.T., JVC, Hitachi, Panasonic, Piezo, Pioneer, Sony, etc.)
They weren't as well known back then.

Pfanstiehl Plug-In Cartridges:




Zenith Cobra



What do the Pfanstiehl numbers mean?

If all went well, you've come back from the cartridge chart with some numbers. The Pfanstiehl code seems tricky at first, but it really isn't too difficult to understand. Here's the scoop:

Now that you understand the Pfanstiehl numbering system, and you know the Pfanstiehl number(s) for your needle, it's time to go on to the order page and do your shopping. Remember that the needle list contains all the numbers currently has in stock. If you don't see your number, that means we don't have it.

We try to keep the list as accurate as possible, but mistakes can happen. Since 97% of our orders are shipped within 24 hours (one working day), you can expect that you'll promptly receive an email confirming that your needle is in stock and when it will be shipped to you.

Remember - the Pfanstiehl numbers are likely to give you a few options. If we don't have a "-DD77" stylus (two .7mil diamond tips) you may find we have a "-DS77" in stock (one diamond and one sapphire). Or, if we don't have a "-DS77" and we do have a "-DD73", you can choose that - although you'll want to remember that the "3" means one tip is for a 78 rpm record and would damage your 33s & 45s.

Click here for needle replacement numbers 100 to 499
Click here for needle replacement numbers 500 to 999


Shipping charges

There is never a minimum purchase at Shipping is FREE on phonograph needles; cartridges, etc., ship for $2. Maximum shipping charge on any order is $8.

Return Policy

When you receive the needle from us, remove the old needle from the phono and compare it with the new one BEFORE you open the package. If it's not right, return it to us and we'll credit you for the purchase price. We cannot accept any opened package for refund.

Need HELP??

Confused? Frustrated? Lost?

All those numbers,
for all those needles,
for all those cartridges,
for all those phonographs...

Don't toss your record collection into the dumpster. has extensive resources, cross-references, and experience! If you've tried to figure out what you need and can't get anywhere, email us and we'll see if we can figure out what you need.

Give us as much information as you can, even something that might not seem important could be the hint we need to find your replacement needle. This service is FREE, of course, and you're under no obligation. Send your email to: "JACK" at "JACKSTUFF.COM". Please allow a few days for us to do some research. No guarantees, but we'll try to find out what you need.


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