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Player-Care.com sells parts, supplies, and
reference materials for player pianos.
Lots of free information!
Service manuals - Player Technicians Listing
Testing Your Player
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Player Piano &
Mechanical Music Exchange

Restorers, Suppliers, Museums, Organizations
Picture gallery of Mechanical Music
Free WantAds

 Associated with the Mechanical Music Digest  a discussion group for collectors, restorers and others:

  • Calendar of upcoming events
  • Links to other interesting spots on the web
  • Gallery of images and sounds



Larry's Music Rolls

Norman Piano  - Roller Tunes -  Larry's Music Rolls has been in the hobby of the fun of mechanical music since the mid 1970's.

Norman Piano - If you're looking for a special Piano, Organ, Nickelodeon, or Music box, contact Larry. If you have one for sale, perhaps he can find a buyer for you.

Larry's Music Rolls - Provides the discriminating collector of music rolls some of the best rare performances of: Nickelodeon, Orchestrion, Player Pipe Organ & Reed Organ.

And then there's....The AUCTION !


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