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Care and Feeding of Paper Rolls

We do NOT attempt repairs. If there happens to be a wrinkle or a slight tear, we'll let you take care of it (if it does need taking care of).

DON'T: use "scotch" tape or masking tape to make repairs.
DO: read up on what the experts recommend for the most common repairs.

We don't try to hide any imperfections in our music rolls; they're out there for you to judge although, obviously, there's no way to show the entire length of each roll. We think you'll be pleased with the condition of our rolls, even the rolls that have seen some use. The more "vintage" rolls might be hiding a ruffled edge, etc., but should still play satisfactorily. Please look carefully at the rolls you want to buy. cannot take complete responsibility for their condition.

By the way - because the photo is taken from the side, the "end tab" isn't visible on some rolls. Unless otherwise noted, you can be sure that the end tab is in excellent condition as well.

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Here's how it works:

Go to the alphabet at the bottom of this page. Click on the first letter of the song name; you'll be taken to the page with all tunes that start with that letter. Scroll down and take yourself on a trip down memory lane.

Click your mouse ON any photo to enlarge it.
Roll your mouse OFF the photo to shrink it back.

It's easy!

What you can see: each roll is in its own box. Almost every box has the original label. When you enlarge the photo (in most cases) you'll have the information you want: name of tune, performer, publisher, etc. And just as important, when you enlarge the photo you'll know the condition of the roll itself. 

You'll find that most of our rolls are practically new!

It's easy and it's fun!

All the tunes are in alphabetical order.

You might want to get a pen and paper to write down your favorites as you go. Keep track of the rolls you like - there'll be a lot.

Order just one, or treat yourself to a few....or more! But please remember - in most cases we only have ONE of each! There's no telling when we'll acquire another roll of THAT particular tune!

  • If it's listed here, we have it in stock now.
    So don't wait.
  • If you don't find it in the list, that means we don't have it.

 We try to keep the most popular music rolls in stock, of course. But there's no telling when we'll find another roll,  so.....


Click on any letter. It will take you to a page full of song titles that start with that letter. (We ignore "A", "An" and "The" at the beginning of most titles.) 

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