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They're AMAZING!!

You're on
cable channel 59 !!

Receive on any
cable-ready TV or VCR

Link to National Wireless

For FUN!

These cameras have dozens of uses!





operates on 9-14 volts DC

Transmits on 434 MHz
Cable channel 59

also available: 906, 916.5, 920, 923.8 MHz

<--WITH COLOR CAMERA - $139.95
WITHOUT CAMERA - $69.95-->


A wireless cable TV transmitter - and it's in COLOR!.
Ready to go - just snap on a battery and you're transmitting on cable channel 59 to any cable-ready TV or VCR within range. Put it in a model rocket and record the launch and flight on your VCR! Mount it in your R/C truck and drive from "inside" the vehicle! How about taking aerial movies from a kite or a balloon? The possibilities are endless.

And it's all in Living COLOR!

Transmit to any cable-ready TV or VCR tuned to cable channel 59.
Signal range up to 400 ft. with built-in antenna. Also available (at the same price) with SMA connector for use with your external antenna.
(Applicable license may be required.)

Operates about 7 hours on one 9 volt battery. For continuous operation, use an AC/DC adapter (not included).

Confused about how you can transmit to cable channel 59? Here's how you set it up: Connect a set of "rabbit ears" or other antenna to your cable-ready VCR or TV, just as if you were planning to receive a program from one of your local TV stations. Then go into the set's menu and tell it to scan for all available cable TV channels. The set will receive your transmitter when it checks for ch. 59. That's all there is to it! [Your transmitter must be operating (powered up) in order to be located by the set.]





Please note: The 434 MHz transmitter is limited to "one at a time". Because they operate only on 434 MHz, two transmitters at the same time will cause interference with each other. However, the 900 MHz transmitters are available in four different frequencies which allows simultaneous use of multiple units.

Note: the 900 MHz units can be received only on special equipment such as the ICOM R-3. Please email "jack" @ "jackstuff.com" if you have any questions about your intended use for these transmitters.

Cameras: National Wireless cable TV transmitters are available with or without camera. Choose either "pinhole" or "long lens". "Long lens" offers slightly higher resolution and depth of focus, but adds approx. 3/8" to the profile of the transmitter. See photos for comparison. Same price regardless of lens type. [Image]


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