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- Pfanstiehl brand REPLACEMENT PHONO NEEDLES. If you have an old phonograph, turntable, record player or juke box with a crystal or ceramic cartridge, we probably have the right replacement needle for it! We received an interesting lot of needles (mostly Pfanstiehl) from an Omaha electronics store. This lot is mostly replacement needles for the newer magnetic cartridges. Check the shopping lists (1-500 and 501-999) on the Pfanstiehl page to see if your needle is listed. If it's in the list, it's in stock now! Remember, if you don't know what needle you need, just email "Jack" at "Jackstuff.com" for experienced, professional assistance at no charge. Shipping is FREE for all needles.
- Switchcraft  XLR audio & video cord plug connectors. Hard-to-find 4, 5, 6 & 7 pin XLR connectors: cable- and panel-mount at below-average prices.
- Our own Audio Test Tones CD, for testing and tuning home & car audio systems (test subwoofers down to 5 Hz). Great for SPL competition.
- AND.... the world's smallest wireless COLOR cable Amateur TV transmitter (about the size of half a stick of chewing gum) for only $69.95.
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XLR connectors

Test Tones CD
Phono Needles
Color TV xmtr

XLR Connectors

XLR connectors - 4, 5, 6, & 7-pin

World's smallest
  Receive on cable channel 59
Audio Test
Tones CD
For home & car stereo, tuning subwoofers, too


 Replacement needles for antique & newer phonographs

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What's New?
  • If you occasionally listen to vinyl or shellac on your record player (phonograph, victrola, record changer, turntable, juke box), we have an extensive stock of Pfanstiehl replacement phono needles and probably have the exact one you need - stereo or mono, diamond or sapphire, single or flip-over. This is all NOS (new old stock) in original, sealed packaging. Protect your records with a new needle.
  • We now have a huge stock of XLR audio cord plug connectors made by industry leader Switchcraft. Mostly 4, 5, 6, and 7-pin XLRs, for either wire or panel mount. And you'll find our prices hard to beat.
  • They're amazing! We now stock the SMALLEST amateur COLOR wireless cable TV transmitters available anywhere! With camera or without!! Fit an actual COLOR TV camera & transmitter inside your R/C car or plane. Great for wireless security uses, etc. Receive the full color picture on any cable-ready TV or VCR.

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